My name is Angela Monter and my husband and I are clients of Robert Salotto.  My experience with Robert Salotto and First Financial Lending has been excellent.  I can’t speak highly enough of him.  He has made the mortgage loan process smooth and seamless.  He has a quick response time to my endless number of questions and is very thorough in his answers.  He responds to my inquiries day and night and even on weekends.  He is always accessible.  He is extremely hands on and walks you through every step of the process anticipating your every concern.  Bob went above and beyond when he personally came by my home to pick up documents when I was unable to drop them off at his office.  Bob is a true professional and has been a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend him.



 Angela Monter




I have been actively searching for a house since December. When I started looking, I was given a list of possible lenders to reach out to. I reached out to 4, but Bob was the only one who called me back and talked to me IMMEDIATELY.  The other 3 just wanted to communicate with me thru email or there was a few days delay in calling me back.


– He has provided much information to me in addition to lending during this process.

– He provided me maps of flood zone areas when I had questions about flood areas.

– I can always find him thru email. If I email him a question, he responds shortly no matter what time of day is it.

– when my first deal fell thru, he offered to search for homes for me.

– it emailed me often asking how I’m doing. nothing pushy, just touching base with me.

– he has a awesome spreadsheet for budgeting and mortgage calculations I use all the time to calculate my monthly payments with interest, taxes, etc. I can’t begin to tell you have useful that has been, No more guessing of what my payment will be. Ask him for a copy if he hasn’t given it to you.


This is the first time I’m buying a home and Bob has made the lending process very smooth for me. I made settlement on my new house on 7-10, and Bob was there with me to the end.


Joanne Underwood